Writing is a key activity for me, balancing between the crude reality of numbers and the fanciness of letters. I write on various subjects including typography, design, accounting, economy. I also write poetry from time to time.
It starts like a good cup of coffee. While my body and my mind wake up, I start writing, gathering my ideas. A published once told me that writing is like a muscle. I think he is right. It is a discipline, both an experience of struggle and peace in the same time.

So whether you need me for a type release, a design project or a note about a practical economic or accounting issue, I am available.
I wrote on various spaces and contexts, including graphic design magazine Etapes or more recently NaN Txt. I also write on Medium.

I wrote and co-wrote several books about typography:
  • François Boltana et la naissance de la typographie numérique, Atelier Perrousseaux, 2011
  • Fontes Libres, 2011
  • A chapter about early digital commercial fonts in Histoire de l'écriture typographique, Atelier Perrousseaux, 2016

I wrote a thesis about accounting and graphic design project management in 2018.

I wrote and published several poetry books (in French):
  • Dévolutions
  • Zeitgeist
  • Dédales
NOVEMBER, 19 / 2021

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